5 Tips for Buying and Eating the Best Tasting Tomatoes

Use it in pasta sauce, cook it down with meat, juice it, or make a salad. No matter how you eat them, tomatoes are delicious. Unfortunately, however, they are sometimes hit or miss. They may be watery, or have an acidic taste. If possible, we want to buy tomatoes that avoid these problems. In this article, I would like to…

When is the oyster season in Hiroshima? The best oysters are in ... !

Hiroshima is not all about the Hiroshima Carp and okonomiyaki. When it comes to Hiroshima, oysters are what you want to eat! Hiroshima produces the most oysters in Japan, and it is said that Hiroshima produces about half of all the oysters distributed in Japan. In Hiroshima, when a certain season arrives, "oyster huts," huts that serve delicious oysters, open…



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