When is the oyster season in Hiroshima? The best oysters are in ... !

Hiroshima is not all about the Hiroshima Carp and okonomiyaki.

When it comes to Hiroshima, oysters are what you want to eat!

Hiroshima produces the most oysters in Japan, and it is said that Hiroshima produces about half of all the oysters distributed in Japan.

In Hiroshima, when a certain season arrives, "oyster huts," huts that serve delicious oysters, open along the coastline for the season. ......!

Inside the oyster hut, you can smell the delicious smell of the charcoal fire and the sizzling oysters!

You've got drool in your mouth.
Why not visit Hiroshima during the oyster season this year?

Oyster season in Hiroshima is definitely "winter.

Hiroshima produces oysters from May to March of the following year, but it is said that the most delicious oysters can be found at the beginning of the year.

This is because the oysters are exposed to the cold sea during this period, which makes them tighter and firmer, but the best tasting oysters are available not just after the new year.

The oyster season in Hiroshima is winter, from December to February.

Oyster shacks are already open as early as October, but the best time to enjoy oysters at their best is from December to February, when their flavor is enhanced.

After all, oysters grown in the cold winter sea become plump and juicy, and their taste is different from that of oysters taken in early autumn.

How to enjoy oysters during the season?

So, what is the best way to enjoy oysters during the delicious season from December to February?

Fried oysters? Or oyster stew?

No, since oysters are in season, let's simply grill them over a charcoal fire and enjoy their delicious flavor.

Grilling oysters one by one over a charcoal fire, the delicious oyster extract seeps out from the inside of the oyster.

Sprinkle a dash of lemon over the oyster, drizzle a little soy sauce over the oyster, and enjoy the hot oyster as it is.

Since oysters are in season, the best way to eat oysters is to directly feel the flavor of the ingredients.

You can order oysters by mail, but we want to eat them in the real place!

Recently, there is a way to order oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture, but if you are going to eat them, you might as well eat them over a charcoal fire in an oyster hut in Hiroshima, the home of oysters!

Moreover, these oyster houses close in early spring, so you can only eat them during the oyster season.

If you have the time and money to spare, why not visit Hiroshima this year during oyster season?

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